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About Tom Herold

About Tom Herold

  • Age: 42 (native Bavarian/Germany)
  • Zodiac: Lion
  • Director in porn: since 2000
  • Movies: (within) Island Fever/The Click/Fucker Takes All (Private), Macht der Füsse (Power of Feet) 1-8 (TABU)
  • Favourite Music: Rock n Roll
  • Favourite Movie: Casino
  • Favourite Location: Ibiza (Spain)
  • Women turn on's: Authentic and natural
  • Women turn off's: artificial model wannabe's
  • Favourite position: On "tasty" expedition between 2 beautiful female legs...
  • My Mission:

    Porn has become a total industrialized business now finally within the last 30 years. In my opinion on most corners too superficial now and mostly without any soul. The consumer, like I was also one in first days of video recorders, has certain needs, why he/she wanna consume it. I am creating a new form of erotic product, that adresses the needs of the consumer in a honest way. Film style included...

About Tom Herold About Tom Herold About Tom Herold


As previously announced, I took the chance now to release some kick ass matereal, I have shot over the last years beside my work for the regular companies. The first scenes can be purchased here. Further and also brand new ones will be added step by step.

Some scenes were for a certain timeframe already published on a different platform (Tainster). But all were completely re edited by me now and are only here to get. Nowhere else.

I d call most of them (QuestforOrgasm Zero), as I have produced them loosely over a certain period of time, but they weren t published on a special site, as I do with actual produced QFO scenes.

Enjoy Angelina in one of my first REAL ORGASM videos, I ve made quite some time ago. Its brilliant! Amazing Girl. She wanted at the beginning to be alone, so I ve put the cam on tripod.


After her first orgasm I Could step in and handle the cam a bit more from hand….while she went on for more. Its in my TOP 5 list of the all time BEST natural masturbation/orgasm videos, I ve shot to that time. A rare gem. A MUST watch, if you love to see natural girls cum real.

And she s cumming very intense. Her face at the end speaks for itself :-).

I have here the first minute of the scene for u, to get a sense for this wonderful girl (she s long time retired from Porn now). The FULL scene U can get here.

After shooting this scene my wish was finally born, to concentrate one day fully for this special thematic and Im happy that QFO has become a channel since January 2016 within the Porndoe Premium Program.

Enjoy the scene

Rock n Roll

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August 17, 2016 10:11 pm by: TomLeave a Comment

Each scene I ve shot for Quest for Orgasm, has it s own small side story or moments that are set in stone in my memory. Usually I shoot the scenes on location, but for this one russian cutie Henessy invited me to her home in Budapest.


For my Quests I don t have always the chance to do an interview with a model, that speaks good english as Hennesy does. Many times I have to reduce my questions to a very limited amount and have to keep them pretty simple. Or I have to leave off sometimes the interview completely.

Therefore I was really happy to get a kick ass interview with her, and not just that. Filming  in her private bedroom later and “documenting” her steaming hot (!!!) selfplay  which culminated in 2 fantastic (real) orgasms was really special.


What better “location” it could have been for it, than the place where she s most comy feeling for.

And, oh boy, she felt veeeeeeeeeeeeery comfy. uff, it became very hot…you ll see on her face at the end :-). Thanks very much, Henessy!

A big part of the whole scene can be streamed here at Porndoe. Enjoy…

Rock n Roll


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June 21, 2016 12:46 am by: TomLeave a Comment


Just some quick news. First clips from my own archive are available from now here on ManyVids. At first there will be the best of rare clips, I ve shot in recent years, and weren t released. In the next days, I ll add more.

Next months I will add also new produced scenes, that will be available exclusively there. In the next days I ll give you more info about the new upcoming projects. 🙂

Looking forward, to present you soon more content 🙂


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June 19, 2016 12:14 am by: TomLeave a Comment

Last december I ve shot my last batch of scenes for XXXSHADES. Each scene has its own nice BTS side story. This one I could title probably just simply “Moan Art”.

I ve worked first time with marvellous looking Candee Licious. While filming the scene and after the sex has become more intense, she started to moan in a way, I ve never heard from an actress before (as I could remember).


Doesn t matter, if it was real or not, it sounded very hot and I could even feel my own senses stimulated by that. Meaning, I was getting quite horny, while filming :-D.

The scene went very well, the chemistry between Mr. Clark and Candee was very good and they enjoyed each other very intense. They didn t know each other til that tday, so perfect conditions.


I love to get 2 people together for a shooting that haven t met before. So there is still that bit of “unknown feeling” in the air. Here in this case it worked very well, I like the scene very much for it and I leave it at you to decide, wether her orgasms were real or not. P-)

You can stream  a big part of the whole scene for free here at Porndoe. Enjoy watching.

Rock n Roll

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June 14, 2016 12:03 am by: TomLeave a Comment

The recent update on Quest for Orgasm is with gorgeous Cayla Lyons. I m really happy, I could win her for the first batch of the new QFO releases. She participated already in a few productions, I did, within for xxxshades. But I was still hungry for the “real deal” with her.

Although I ve done already plenty of productions with the “thrilling” factor, either if the shoot was in an flying airplane or on board of a speedboat, etc., I can hardly admit, that the biggest “thrill” for me is still, when a woman is getting a real strong orgasm in front of my cam.


The moment, when she “came”, I don t forget, it went kinda electric “wave” down my spine. :-). Was a quite “energetic” moment, especially for her, OF COURSE…:-) and a real successful Quest…

Enjoy the trailer. A longer tube version you can watch here.

Rock n Roll

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March 6, 2016 1:08 am by: TomLeave a Comment

From the dusty corners of my Archives I present u here some kick ass BTS footage from the DVD Production of (Videorama) “U Bahn Girls” from the year 2000.  It s almost a  piece of “time history” for me, as to work in porn to that time was 180 degree different compared to nowadays.

Its now more than 15  years ago (can t belive that…OMG!) and it was my first production in Prague as director. I came there just with my cameraman, frankly without a fixed concept, but we felt in love from the first moment with the local metro. So the “storyplot” was born by that. :-D.

At the casting, each girl, that I ve chosen,  inspired me finally for some kind of “storyline”, that we tried to do after down at the metro. Biggest Surprise for me was Dasha, the Beauty with short blonde hair. I just said as a joke in the casting, that I would wish, she d come to the shooting with a coat, wearing under it only some dessous.

You can t imagine my face, when I ve seen her after, coming exactly in that. And I realized very late, that there were everywhere cameras down in the metro station. So it must have been also a nice entertainment for the securities. 😀

My basic approach to the project was, that I could imagine, how many erotic thoughts must have been  “born” down there in these long tunnels, inside the metro waggons, where f.e. People watch each other, standing maybe very close in a full packed waggon at the rush hour.

Maybe a man is standing next to a nice women, smelliing the scent of her parfume, or a woman sitting opposite to an attractive man, their views cross a few times, ……..and whats goin on in their thoughts maybe in that moments?

I would bet, sometimes for sure some nasty stuff, or?. 😀

Rock n Roll

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February 17, 2016 10:17 pm by: TomLeave a Comment

Quest For Orgasm is finally online with it s first scenes at Porndoe Premium. As some of you know, I did loosely some “Quests…” already many years ago, even back in the days of DVD, titled “Komm mit mir” (TABU).

The new ones now, QFO 2.0 as you can say, reflect now a lot, of what I always want to bring on screen: Authenticity. And, folks, I can promise you, I won t let you down here, you will enjoy 100% of it…

In QFO it s essential, to get as closest possible to the natural character of the model and to see them having100% real orgasms. The authenticity in all aspects is in the foreground, so I see myself less as a “director”, then rather as a “witnessing/observing scientist”, that records, what happens, because each girl/women is different in their ways of reaching the top. Rock n Rooooooll…

I will present you in QFO as best I can a large variety of female characters. It s not limited to certain “types” (body, age, etc.), it will be a colourful mixture of interesting and nice girls/women, that will tell a bit about themselves and enjoying their personal quest to their ultimate climax (or several ones…)…from the amateur student to the famous pornstar, as most intimate as possible.

The joy will be of course not only on their side. I ve built you into the videos my invention, the “Orgasm Countdown” (OC), that helps the ones who want to “come” with the girl in the video to the same time. So you can even “sync up” yourself for a mutual orgasm. 🙂


I ve got you here the trailer for a scene with marvellous Tracy Lindsay. Of course massively well known as actress, one of the top CZ performers since last years. But after I ve done couple of “staged” regular scenes with her, I was so interested to get more to the “deeper core” with her…and oh boy…yes…It was worth it….enjoy soon at QFO.

Rock n Roll

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In 2014 I did a bunch of scenes for Babes. Was worth to get some trailers onto the Blog, as some scenes became really nice. Here one of a scene we did with marvellous Alexis Crystal.

It s always a pleasure to shoot with her, as she simply loves sex and feels just right in her element, when the cameras are rollin. As you can witness in the result. 🙂

Rock n Roll

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January 10, 2016 4:21 pm by: TomLeave a Comment

Lucy Heart is an amazing girl. I could work the first time with her this year and by chance was recorded this backstage footage, that gives some very interesting insights about…,, but see for yourself! 🙂

Of course I had to do few days later the promised scene with her, that will be released on forthcoming Quest For Orgasm at Porndoe Premium. You will get some private insights of her, you havent known before, you will witness Lucy loosing up completely and you will definitely see the moment of bliss in her face after a tremendous orgasm.


Rock n Roll



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Sometimes a “cycle is not closed”. Don t you feel that also in various situations in life here and there? As some of you, that read my Blog, maybe remember, I ve started long time ago loosely  to shoot some “Quest For Orgasm” like scenes. The early ones were released on DVD (TABU), later ones you ve found on internet (Tainster).

The idea in general I liked always, but have never worked it out fully, as other production involvements took my attention, as also my studies in school. But with “studying” in general I became hungry again to continue the “study” on that truly interesting and fascinating phenomenon in female nature, THE ORGASM!.

It was finally the US TV show about Masters & Johnson that ignited the fire in me fully, to do it now the “full way”. Most of the scenes are already done and in my schedule is, to get all ready for a launch still to xmas this year. Released within Porndoe Premium.


One of the “experimentees”, that visited me already for the quest,  was blonde power bomb Naomi Nevena. I don t  describe the result here…you have to see for yourself….just so much….she enjoyed it….very much P-)

Rock n Roll

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